Union Catalog:
As of December 2013 Follett Destiny Library Manager software is the product used to accommodate the district's union catalog of approximately 195,000 bibliographic records with approximately 470,000 holdings. The majority of the bibliographic records use full MARC 21 standards; however periodicals use only minimal level cataloging. Development of the ditrict's union catalog is a collaborative effort. Each media center is considered a branch in the union catalog. Approximately 30,000 MARC records are added to the catalog each year. 

Selection and Acquisitions:
All material selection and ordering is done at the media center. When a media center is staffed with an instructional school librarian, collection development is done with imput from school faculty and the instructional school librarian. The Coordinator of Media Services and school faculty supervise collection development in all other media centers. Each media center decides where to place its orders.

Media centers have the option to place orders with authorized vendors. These vendors preprocess the materials so that items are shelf ready upon arrival in the media centers. Gererally, this is a fee-based service. MARC records for items are made available to the Cataloging office. These MARC records are downloaded into the union catalog.

In addition, media centers may also order materials and have them processed by Cataloging staff without a fee. If materials are to be processed by the Cataloging staff, the media center staff attaches barcodes and stamps materials. If materials are from a secondary school, media center staff attaches security strips.

Each item is searched in the union catalog by media center staff and results of the search are recorded on a New Materials form. A New Materials form is insterted in each item and sent to Cataloging. The Cataloging staff seperate materials and group them into categories of either match, similar, or no match.
     *Match - a copy is added and labels are printed. Materials are then sent back to the school where the media center staff put the labels on and complete the processing - label proctectors, due-date slips, book covers, etc.
     * Similar - may involve searching several databases to find the right match. When the record is complete, labels are printed and material is sent back to the school.
     * No Match - searched on Follett A+, OCLC CatExpress or Z39.50 sources. When matching MARC records are found, they are selected and downloaded into the union catalog. Cataloging staff checks with record, prints the labels, and returns the materials to the                   school. When no matching record is found original cataloging will be done.

Cataloging staff may also make any necessary corrections/additions to bibliographic records (e.g. reading program information, subject headings, etc.)

Cataloging boxes materials daily. Materials are shipped back to a school once a week based on the Delivery Truck Schedule which originates with the Warehouse staff. The media center staff competes processing of materials before being shelved. 

Regardless of the mode of ordering, all materials purchased are initially sent to the media centers from the vendors where all materials must be stamped with the school's name and address.