E-Vendor Materials

E-Vendor Materials

When receiving a preprocessed order from a vendor, check the packing slip against items in the shipment. Stamp the items.  If items are for a school with secondary grades, insert the security strips (unless this was already done by the vendor).

Barcodes and spine lablels are sent unattached for all manga books and all AV.

Please check a sampling of items before shelving them. Examine item in hand and also see if it matches the bib record on the catalog. This precaution may help to discover any errors the vendor has made.

1. Enter Destiny

2. Under Catalog/Library Search, scan Barcode on item in hand. 

3. Select Title Details tab. 

4. Read author(s) name, complete title, publsher, copyright dte, and ISBN on the catalog record to determine if everything exactly matches the item in hand. 

5. Check to determine that the correct classification you want is on the spine label.

6. Use the Database Corrections form for any questions or errors with an item. Use one form per item. Send the item with the form inside to Cataloging. 

7. Cataloging will correct errors and returns the item to you.